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India remained the centre of great curiosity for the entire world due to its rich Spiritual heritage and unique philosophy of life.  The great saints and sages of India discovered various theories and sources of divine energy and true knowledge.  Spirituality was not a subject for them but it was their object which they achieved and put up their experiences and conclusions to the world in a systematic way for the benefit of the man kind.

In the ancient time the knowledge of the divine science cherished through the succession (Guru-Shishya parampara), but in due course of the time this chain of succession was broken and divine science forgotten.  Kundalini-Yoga is one of them among the various forgotten theories of the divine science.  Kundalini-Yoga is one of the achievements of great Indian saints and is the most powerful and effective source of energy and right knowledge. 

Kundalini Sadhna is the base of all spiritual advancements and achievements.  It has unlimited energy stored in it and velocity of its energy is even much higher than the velocity of light.  Kundalini is considered to be the primitive source of energy and gives us tremendous energy and satisfaction.  Kundalini Sadhna is the symbol of uniformity of Shiva (the Masculine power) and Shakti (the Feminine power).  They are two different source of energy and when they unite they become complete and integral source of energy and power.  The union of Shiva and Shakti, when takes place in Sahastrara (in brain) it gives us the divine prosperity, striking of tremendous light, universal energy, creativity, feeling of love and affection, it also enables us to subjugate the negative feelings such as jealous, frustrations etc.

The literary meaning of the word Kundalini is - a thing which lives in a kunda (pot), but in kundalini sadhna, it means a coiled up energy having three and half coils, located in the base of spine in a sleeping position with the tip of its tail in its mouth.  The exact location of kundalini is the perinium region i.e. between the rectum and testicles in males and between vagina and clitoris in females.  Kundalini is present in the body of all persons irrespective of the fact whether they are ordinary persons or highly spiritual persons.

It is well said that "the human body is the greatest body in the universe and human being is the greatest being". Therefore before discussing kundalini in detail, it will be better to discuss the human body.  As we all know that our body has several systems and each has an important function to do.  These systems are - Circulatory system, respiratory system, Digestive system, Skeleton system and the nervous system.  Though all these system are very important but we will discuss here the nervous system only.

The nervous system controls the whole body.  It composes of various nerves, spinal cord and the brain.  There is a huge network of nerves in our body and all these nerves are connected directly or through spinal cord to the brain, so brain is the center of all nerves and commands our body.  Mind is the CPU (central processing unit) of our body as it controls our thinking, imaginations, memory and intelligence. 

The spinal cord  is bundle of delicate fibre tissues and nerves, it establishes a link between brain and the body.  The formation of spinal cord is very peculiar, it has soft fibre tissues circles on each side of the spinal cords, the two circles are connecting each other on the spinal cord and look like the number eight (8) in the lying position.  The left part or circle is known as the IDA nadi, the right as the PINGALA nadi and the the canal on which the two circles are connecting each other is the SUSHUMNA nadi.  The base of the spinal cord is closed and triangular in shape and the spinal cord has different plexuses and centers on it, starting with the MULADHARA, the basic and ending with the SAHASTRAR in the brain.  In KUNDALINI sadhna we take different centers of plexuses as the presenting the differernt LOTUSES which can be very easily understood, even in the context of MEDICAL SCIENCE.

The different centers on the spinal cord are known as the CHAKRAS and they are seven in numbers and each Chakra has a different lotus on it.  Our body is the composition of five elements - PRITHIVI (Earth), JAL (Water), AGNI (Fire), VAYUE (Air) and AKASHA (Sky) and these elements are represented by different Chakras.

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